As part of the prestigious SSON series of events and community with 120,000 members globally, we are excited to be returning to Stockholm for the 10th Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Week.

No other event can match the calibre of Nordic SSOW 2017 - SSC, GBS & Intelligent Automation. Now in its 10th year, it is the only event focused on the Nordic/Baltic regions covering SSC, GBS & Intelligent Automation, attracting over 240 attendees last year.

This year’s conference goes to the next level in exploring value-adding services, robotics implementation, application of AI functionality, GBS evolution and latest thinking on transformation, culture, talent and customer experience.

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Who Attends Nordic SSOW?

Accenture Masterclass

Digital GBS – key enable for future business growth!

In the upcoming years, GBS leaders cross industry will be expected to deliver unprecedented effectiveness, services, agility and cost. This will only be possible to fully by embracing digitalization. This master class will focus on the 4 must-win battles of GBS organization in the digital world; scaling value from automation and AI, leveraging true analytics, digitalizing the service experience, and establishing truly agile operations.

The Masterclass will be facilitated by:

Maximilian Thomiak

EALA operating model lead

Accenture Strategy

Daniel Hjelte

Nordic GBS and AI lead

Accenture Strategy

Emelie Krantz

Nordic AI team member

Accenture Strategy

2017 Trends:


RPA/AI application and implementation – the next step in robotics and automation to drive a step change in cost savings, efficiency and productivity


Leapfrog up the value chain beyond transactional and administrative processors to provide tangible value and advisory partnership to the business


Harness the power of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics – move from insights to delivering real business value and decision-making insight


Fast forward to maturity in model and operation – capitalise on GBS, outsourcing and Centre’s of Excellence as you progress along the maturity curve


Deploy process excellence and a continuous improvement culture to ensure the best possible results in quality and competitive advantage


The battle for Talent and the future Nordic workforce – determine who is tomorrow’s shared service professional and how to attract, retain and develop that expertise

Featured Speakers

The 70+ speakers represented the best from Europe's most prominent organisations, to innovative startups and disruptors.


Venue & Accommodation

6 - 8 November, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden


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