5-7 November, 2018

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Nordic SSOW Agenda 2017

Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2017

6th - 8th November 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

It’s time to fast-forward your company’s maturity with the latest thinking on GBS, outsourcing, and Centre’s of Excellence as SSOW is here to teach you how to:

  • scale up RPA and AI
  • attain, retain and develop expertise in The Battle for Talent
  • demonstrate value through analytics and reporting
  • deploy process excellence and a continuous improvement culture
  • create exceptional customers experiences
  • learn from 60 expert speakers

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No other event can match the caliber of Nordic SSOW 2017 - SSC, GBS & Intelligent Automation. Now in its 10th year, it is the only event focused on the Nordic/Baltic regions covering SSC, GBS & Intelligent Automation. It provides unprecedented opportunities to benchmark with peers in the region and develop new ways to tackle key challenges in the industry.

To see a full list of topics and find out about this years highlights take a look at the agenda.

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Nordic SSOW 2017 Profiling Report

Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2017

6-8 November 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden 

What is Profiling? 

The team behind Nordic SSOW has developed a way of sorting the curious from the serious when it comes to deciding who is ready to buy and who is merely window shopping. We call it profiling.

We ask our attendees what their investment priorities are, and if they’re actively looking for solutions. Importantly, we identify who the key decision makers are to ensure you’re connecting with the right people.

Download your full report now. 

Where do Nordics-based SSOs See the Greatest Opportunities for the Year Ahead?

Benchmarking report - Where do Nordics-based SSOs See the Greatest Opportunities for the Year Ahead?

Shared services are undergoing enormous change as technology combined with data analytics and increased process sophistication allows centers to redefine their value add. SSON surveyed the Nordics market recently to find out where this sector sees the most potential for service optimization.

Data First, Automation Second – The New Rules Governing Machine Learning

Nordics Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2017

6-8 November 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

Why data is gold in intelligent automation – and why data management should be your priority


The Nordics region has an advantage vis-à-vis many others: given its relatively high cost base, enterprises have always been quick to leverage technology platforms in order to optimise their “human” resources. Organisations in this region don’t operate large-scale footprints for their support centres. As a result, the idea of continued automation, via robotics, is one many enterprises are comfortable with.

Download the full interview with Simen Munter, COO of Nordea’s Commercial and Business Banking division

The ‘Data’ Dilemma: 10 Tips on Optimizing Your Data Strategy to Maximize the Impact of Automation

Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2017

6-8 November 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

If automation is the magic tool in shared services right now, data is the power that runs it. While data has been integral to linking applications and maximizing the benefits of an ERP system, it has taken on an urgency more recently, given that automation’s valueadd depends on the structure and accessibility of enterprise data….

Here are 10 steps to optimize your data strategy

1.       1. Communicate data management as a core

2.       2. Re-assess the role of humans

3.       3. Find, sort, and structure your data

4.       4. ... Download the full report to read more! 

Is GBS an option or the only way forward in the long run?

In this exclusive interview we discover Kristina Beckendorf, previously Head of Group Business Units at Maersk Global Services Centers (today she provides Shared Services and leadership coaching alongside her triathlon career) views on where she believes the power behind a strong GBS initiative lies.

Analysis of the Nordic Shared Services Landscape 2017

Presented by Nordic SSOW 2017
Nordic SSOW | 6-8 November 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

This 2017 report on the Nordic shared services landscape analyses 138 captive/hybrid shared service centres (SSCs) in the Nordic region.

Play with the data to answer core questions such as:

  • What are the top Nordic countries and cities with SSCs?
  • What functions are serviced by Nordic SSCs?
  • What industries and company sizes are centralising activities into shared services, and where?
  • Where else in Europe are Nordic companies setting up their SSCs?
  • How do factors such as cost per FTE, overhead operation costs, taxation, cost of living, ease of doing business and flight connectivity compare across top SSC cities?

Read the full now!   

The Nordic Model: Shifting Shared Services

SSON’s analytics center, Dart, recently investigated the factors that are influencing this shifting landscape.

RPA in the Nordic Region: Realistic Performance Advancement or Clever Tagline?

This report is an evaluation of RPA’s role as Nordics markets redefine their growth and service strategies.

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Nordic SSOW 2017 Delegate Booking Form

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Who will you meet at Nordic Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2017?

The 10th Annual Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (Nordic SSOW) 2017, the only event dedicated to the Nordic-Baltic community, will offer you the unrivalled opportunity to benchmark with like-minded peers servicing the same region, facing similar cultural, language, business environments, regulatory and compliance challenges. 2017 welcomes our most interactive agenda yet, featuring interactive case studies, interactive discussion groups, think tanks, content specific breakouts, workshops and vendor showcases. 

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