19-21 November, 2018
Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Ingela Hofverberg

Lean Partner Finance
Scandinavian Airlines

9:00 AM WORKSHOP A: Structured development of your suppliers to continually delivers mutual benefits

Cost pressures often require businesses to outsource
their processes. Once the initial benefit appears on
the balance sheet, little time is invested in improving
this process. Leaving waste and therefore, opportunity
Developing and challenging your suppliers in the correct
way can lead to mutual gain. Making the supplier more
efficient and competitive towards you and other clients.
Whilst also improving quality and lowering the cost of the
existing contract.
You have outsourced a process right; that doesn’t mean
you don’t own it; that doesn’t mean you can’t directly
control it; and it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. In
this session you will come to understand that developing
the people, processes and even the leadership within
your suppliers business can transform the relationship.
Using your own internal expertise to penetrate beyond
the balance sheet will produce extraordinary results.
This session is based on a real case study that has
yielded significant improvements in quality, delivery,
cost, and employee satisfaction. See how this can be replicated in your business with minimal investment.
Come and join us, you WILL find this truly inspirational!

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